Cassie Cooper-Bagnall

Hi guys! I’m Cassie, and it’s great to see you here.

Guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve lived in Leamington Spa for the past three years, and am loving every minute of it. Love the atmosphere, love how gorgeous it is…and there’s the bonus of it having a great, local radio station!

I have an extra loud laugh, so watch out for it on air. If you can hear it from several miles away, then it’s probably me…oh, and I have a black Labrador who likes listening to the radio, and sits under the piano when I play (she just loves music). I’m definitely not concert worthy, but I stumble along.

I grew up with an eclectic mix of music in my house, from heavy metal to the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra. So, there’s a lot of genres that I have a love of. I’ve been travelling around since I was young, and having lived in the USA for a few years, I found a love of country music. It’s such a shame there’s not more of it on the radio right now. I think this is something we should change…

I’ve worked in radio for several years, and it’s amazing fun. You get to meet some fantastic people, and the experience is like nothing else. TV has its benefits, no doubt, but there’s something special about radio. Your favourite series might hit a rough patch, but radio gives you consistency and brings music and stories to life!

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you tuning in.